SOLID TERRITORY (UPPER HUTT POSSE)-live in the Kulin Nations


New Zealand's most influential hip hop act - Maori crew Upper Hutt
Posse - is joining Melbourne's Combat Wombat at Ding Dong to play the
SOLID TERRITORY solidarity jam for the indigenous people of the
Northern Territory. UHP rose to fame cutting the first ever NZ hip
hop release in '88, and are now finally bringing their powerful hip
hop haka back to Australia in disgust of what's going on in the NT.
Don't miss this one-off gig that includes a showcase screening of UHP
frontman Te Kupu's rapumentaries: hip hop infused documentaries that
travel the heartbeat of ghettoes in places like Cape Town, Mexico
City, Detroit, Kingston and Paris.

Hip hop nomads Combat Wombat are back to play their new unheard
tracks on Melbourne stages, after a season of hosting outback
workshops and recording with Aboriginal elders to keep strong their
rich history. Sonically rugged and funky, Monkey Marc's beats draw
their influence from 70s reggae, Public Enemy's Bomb Squad and the
golden era hip hop of the early 1990s, with ARIA award winning DJ
Wasabi providing the cuts. MC Elf Tranzporter is the master of flow,
rhyming with the gift of enviable flexibility, whilst MC Izzy's
approach is the perfect contrast: her stand and deliver,
take-no-prisoners approach, injects high-spirited passion into the
mix. Their potent combination of hip hop, ragga and punk political
flows has seen the Wombats reach 2 on Triple J's Net 50.

Upper Hutt Posse are the progenitors of Hip Hop/Ragga music in the
South Pacific, releasing Aotearoa's (New Zealand's) first rap single
'E Tu' (Stand Up) in 1988. This they followed with an appearance on
the Once Were Warriors soundtrack and producing five albums (the
fourth was awarded 'Best Mana Maori Album' at New Zealand Music
Awards 2003). The song writing vision of Te Kupu (The Word) and MC
Wiya is the solid backbone of this ever fresh, fluxing collective of
vocalists and musicians who rap in their Maori language, securing UHP
a place well away from the complacent imitation of most NZ hip hop
crews. Te Kupu is also a filmmaker, having traveled the ghettoes of
the world to produce the rapumentary 'Ngaatahi - Know the Links'
(Official Selection at Sundance Film Festival 2004), a six part
music-documentary connecting the musical cultures and struggles of
oppressed people worldwide.

Completing the line-up are the multilingual hip hop exponents Uber
Lingua DJs, freshly back from a world tour that included work with
Indigenous pirate station Radio Chanul Pom in Chiapas, Mexico.

COST $12/$10


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