Ta Moko - George Nuku

Taken from the documentary 'Ta Moko' directed by Kim Webby.

"Ta Moko" takes viewers on a personal journey through the moko process.

Ta Moko also follows the revival of the ancient process of moko using uhi, bone chisels, as it was done in the days of old. Auckland moko artist, Turumakina Duleyz, is bringing back this ancient process by using uhi on the face of artist George Nuku. As the documentary shows, it is a process of trial and error with potentially dire consequences.

At the heart of "Ta Moko" is an appraisal of the ta moko renaissance, ten years after it began and the current mainstreaming of a once mysterious practice.Ta Moko is an exploration of the current place of moko in Aotearoa and attitudes toward the revival of this ancient practice

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