Defend Tata'a

Ia ora na,

*Long story put short, Tata'a is a sacred site part of our polynesian
immaterial cultural heritage. It is one of many departure points of the
souls, in pre-colonial polynesian mythology. It is a "sister site" to Te
Rerenga wairua (cape Reinga), Keka'a on the island of Maui, Leina
Kauhane on Oahu and many others throughout the polynesian triangle.

Today, promoters threaten to build 40 villas on that sacred area. Let's
react, and help the people from Rohutu no'ano'a by signing the ONLINE
PETITION.* To do so, just click on the following link :

for more details on Tata'a : http://www.rohutu.com

Te aroha ia rahi.

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