Say Sovereignty not sorry, you genocidal land thieving racists

With all the gubba politics aside, just all the mobs converging in kanberra, together is a beautiful and powerful thing. Robbie Thorpe and mob left the Kulin Nations this arvo and are heading to join the Mob around that Sacred Fire at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.


Anonymous said...

breaking news: oily puppet figurehead of the illegal occupying government says sorry, austra-aliens rejoice: at last, no more white guilt.

Ridwan said...

Peace to you sista Ana.

Sorry is just a ruse to keep the genocide hidden in the hands that drive occupied australia.

I am disgusted by the manner that Rudd 'stole' again by using the stories of oppression to cut his political interests.

There can be nothing more arrogant than a white man telling other white people about the suffering of Aboriginal people ...

These stories are not his to sell.



Ana said...

Pono Ridwan

the settler armpits have comodified lands, oceans, culture, and now they have the cheek to comodify Indigenous pain and sorrow. Arrogant spin merchants all right, if your that sorry rudd get the troops out of the NT , sign the un declaration and get rid of your mates in the mining industry. As sis said above they (the strayaliens) are an illegal occupying gubbament.) all those that oppose them that should look for ways that we can acknowledge and affirm Aboriginal Sovereignty.

No justice no peace
Aboriginal Sovereignty Rules OK
Stop Aboriginal Genocide on Stolen Aboriginal Land