A Place Called Chiapas

1 hr 32 min 23 sec

Documentary about the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to give you props for this blog which is very informative, to say the least.
Btw, the article on the media bias reminds me of an article I read about Haiti and the abolishment of slavery - quote: "Haiti was not a gift given to Haitians by the whites. It was the blood of our ancestors that ran redder than the Atlantic Ocean is wide..". Speaking of the Zapatistas, @ http://cilas.ucsd.edu/events/film_series.php, they have this pdf called "Fall 2007 Film Series: Indigenous Movements (PDF Format)" which mentions "a place called chiapas" + the movie "Zapatistas".
Peace & Respect from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

thanks! great film.

The Red Son said...

One of the better films about the Zapatistas that I have seen, and I have seen many.