G20 Arrestee Solidarity Action

I'm not looking forward to the recommencement of this state/media circus, there are a number of us facing charges in relation to the g2o meeting in Melbourne 06.

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Charges range from Riot, Affray, Criminal Damage amongst many others. This is show trial for the state and the only good pr the victorian poaka are getting at the moment. With 23 of us the committal will drag on for five weeks, with trial in the County Court set for some time next year.

On Monday February 18, 23 people facing charges stemming from the G20 protest in November 2006 will be having the first day of their Committal hearing at Melbourne Magistrate Court.

The Ongoing G20 Arrestee Solidarity Network has called a rally in support of the arrestees. It is vital that we support other activists as they face state repression. In the spirit of solidarity we invite all who are interested to come and support the arrestees, and continue the struggle for a better world.

See you all there!

Where: Melbourne Magistrates Court (cnr of William and Lonsdale st)
When: Monday 18 February, 9:30 am

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