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Povi Free Zone Chur, dedicated with love to the crew.

All 16 people arrested and charged with arms charges on Monday October 15th in nationwide raids appeared in the Auckland District Court on November 1st and 2nd. A 17th person arrested during the raids was charged with cannabis related charges and will appear seperately. During the hearings, a number of the prisoners had name supression dropped (some willingly, some not) and two more were bailed on top of those who were already out. Loud cheers greeted those bailed and others, and many cries of "we love you" echoed through the court over the two days.

On Thursday November 1st, a few new pieces of information were revealed and confirmed. Firstly, that there will be two trials - one for the arms charges, and one for the charges under the Terrorism Supression Act (if consent to lay them is granted by the Solicitor General). Also, the details of which prisoners have had their files referred to the Solicitor General by the Police was confirmed (12 of the 16). It was inferred by the counsel for the crown that there could be a decision by the Solicitor General by the end of next week.


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Renegade Eye said...

Their case is getting some notice around the world.

Good luck in struggle.