Bunjileenee Justice for Indigenous Australians


The whanau was out with the mob yesterday when the Gubbas voted for one arse cheek instead of the other. What we are witnessing in Fitzroy is the resurgence of Grassroots Indigenous Self Determination, of the love of never ever leaving any of our brothers and sisters behind as they battle the river of tears and hurt that colonisation has and still continues to inflict on Indigenous Peoples.

The reclamation of the Old Victoria Health on Gertrude is a struggle to restore pride and self determination, its a protest against the kupapa bureaucratic collaborators that all Indigenous peoples face, all those that make a sweet living on the misery of our peoples suffering & pain.

If you reside in Melbourne and want to support our brothers & sisters struggles for self determination come down to
136 Gertrude Street Fitzroy, if you are serious about justice and respect for Indigenous peoples in Melbourne come and tautoko the mob and get the word out, and show some love & solidarity. See ya round the sacred fire then.


The Change of Wind is Coming...

by Kevin Buzzacott
(Arabunna Nation)

The change of wind is coming. Brace yourself for the big change - get ready. The Fire Creator for Justice is awoken. The power of the fire is alive and moving and rekindling the fire of the spirit. The time has come to cure the evil, right the wrongs. The Whiteman came to Australia the wrong way. When he entered our waters and our land he came the wrong way. Coming the wrong way was like starting off on the wrong foot. He brought with him the evil. If he had come the right way, the massacres, the poisoned water, the stolen generations, the deaths in custody, the pain and misery, the land theft... would not have happened.

...The time has come to face reality - you cannot hide the truth any more. The Old Spirit and the old, old Ancient Country are about to unleash an awakening energy. You have your ancient responsibility and obligation to right the wrongs of the events that took place since Invasion. Do not feel threatened. All people should come and participate, share and experience the changes and end the jurisdiction of the occupying power which tries to dominate our lives.

We have the right to live, the right to life, the right to self-determination, the right to decolonization, the right to sovereignty for certainty. We encourage people to come forward... Those with this churning feeling for change.

Since Invasion all we've seen is the Crown and paper and oppression. But we have the key for survival in this land. Our ancient knowledge is like an untapped resource for survival. It can take us all home.

The Old Country is talking now. The Old Spirit is stirring, singing up the country, empowering the fire of the Spirit, curing the evil.

The Fire will burn until Justice prevails.

The Fire is the thing that will make or break you. The Fire is the healing that can take all lost souls home, that will fix you up and enable [you] to share the responsibility to care for our Ancient Country.

If you are sincere you should support us. Stop running around in circles


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