Protesters clash with police outside Slave Labour Party conference

"Around 150 protesters formed outside the Labour Party Annual Conference on the North Shore this morning to express their anger at the police anti-terror raids.

Police and protesters have scuffled with each other and three protesters were taken away by police but only one has been arrested.
A police officer allegedly had a protester spit in his face as other signs were waved and chants repeated denouncing the government and calling on Prime Minister Helen Clark to stop "human rights abuse".
Police say they will be reviewing video footage of the protest following allegations a Labour Party delegate struck a protester.

One protester is dressed in full army fatigues while others have opted for a silent protest - gagged and chained together.

The protest is being organised by Global Peace and Justice, with veteran protester John Minto at the helm.

Police have stepped up their security around the venue and have formed a wall between the rowdy group and the entrance to the building.

Prime Minister Helen Clark isn't due to address the party conference until 2:00pm.

Watch extended footage of the protests."



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