No evidence for terrorism charges

"New Zealand's top lawyer says laws put in place to protect New Zealanders from acts of terrorism are flawed.

On Thursday afternoon David Collins QC announced that no one arrested in the nationwide police raids will face terrorism charges because of insufficient evidence and messy legislation.

Even before the Solicitor-General dropped his embarrassing bomb shell, there was anger bubbling over on the steps of parliament about how the investigation has been handled.

Joining the protest Maori Party MP Hone Harawira remarked: "How dare they arrest Tame Iti. What are the chances he is a terrorist leading a terrorist organisation? This is bullshit."

Harawira didn't have to wait long for an answer.

"I have advised the Commissioner that I am unable to authorise the prosecutions that have been sought under the Terrorism Suppression Act," said Collins.

The response from friends and supporters of those arrested was swift.

"We're absolutely thrilled... It's a huge weight off the shoulders of the families, off the individuals and... of every political activist in New Zealand," said activist, John Minto.

But none of this is good enough for the supporters of those arrested. They believe the stigma of alleged terrorism will stick for a life time.

"They have been branded terrorists by the police and that's been bandied right across New Zealand through the media and that's absolutely unconscionable," says Minto."

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Fire Fly said...

This is great news! But as I understand it, the arrestees could still face firearms charges. Which would still fulfil the repressive function of anti-terror charges.