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Enough is enough. The Inteligentaindigena Indigenismo Novajoservo blog is calling for a nationwide boycott of the Rush Limbaugh radio show by the Native American community and all people who give a damn about accountability in media. I am calling on Native Americans to have enough respect for ourselves to stand up and call those who use such tactics to insult and diminish Aboriginal peoples and our struggles what they are. And I am also calling on White Americans to prove their professed detestation of anti-Indian racism and treaty rights by turning Limbaugh off.

Information provided by: Media Matters.org

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This is not the first time Limbaugh has attacked Native Americans. During a taping of his short-lived television show some years ago, I remember watching him present his version of “Uncle Tomahawk”, a caricature depicting a thick lipped and bug-eyed person of mixed Africa/Native America ancestry dancing in an outfit adorned by bones, beads and topped by a Plains Indian war bonnet. I was not amused but his studio audience could stop laughing and they continued to chuckle until the middle of the next segment.

Recently during his August 17th broadcast of his radio show, Limbaugh referred to Native Americans as “Injuns suggesting that Aboriginal Hawaiian nationalists seeking passage of the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act or the ‘Akaka Bill’ of "…Simply trying to duplicate the actions taken by the American injuns, and get themselves set up so they have casinos over there?"

That’s just one illustration of the madness of Rush Limbaugh. Jose' Barreiro writing for Indian Country Today points out that Mr. Limbaugh has a long history of disparaging Aboriginals on his radio show from stating that "The American Indians were meaner to themselves than anybody was ever mean to them" to, “The people were savages. It's true, they damn well were. Scalping people."
It’s time to call White America on its rhetoric. Boycott Rush Limbaugh.

Since the White-owned and operated mainstream corporate media will not say anything to Limbaugh, we can. Boycott every station that airs this anti-Aboriginal bigot and those who continue to advertise on his shows. Spread the word that Natives and all people who give a damn about racial justice reject the racism promoted by Rush Limbaugh and his compatriots in American media.

Form committees to inform, educate and discuss solutions to fighting institutional racism in media and the continual insult of negative media representation of Aboriginals. Discuss with your children the history of ethnic marginalisation and genocide and how these words relate to today's Indian people. Do not expect or plead for assistance from the non-Native community. Get your own thing together and stop the genocide.

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