Display the Hawaiian flag on February 24-25

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On February 25, the Supreme Court will be hearing the "ceded"lands case. The State of Hawaii is arguing that Hawaiians have norights to those lands.

MANA (Movement for Aloha No ka Aina), is calling on all supportersof Kanaka Maoli rights and sovereignty to fly or display a Hawaiianflag on February 24 and 25, the eve and day of the Supreme Courthearing on the "ceded" lands case.

Fly your flag proudly! This will be a sign of our resistance to theState's attempt to dissolve our land rights, and a symbol of our unity.

Spread the message far and wide – fly our flag on February 24 and 25.

Download a flag here.

Mahalo to KINE/KCCN, Ka Wai Ola o OHA, Maoliworld, and others for helping to get the word out



Kulin Gilgai said...

Hello Anna,
I am new to this site, and may be posting the wrong section. I apolagise if I do so.


I am by right an Aboriginal Australian. I was born here, as were my ancestors.

I have read your blog in great detail, and firstly would like to thank you for providing such a strong sense of solidarity. It is in all ways an immense pleasure to see our brothers and sisters from neighbouring islands and homelands stand up for all of us together.

But I have some points that I, and many people of my own community, would like to comment on.

We do not believe that we should be fighting for anti colonialism. After 200 years of 'settlement', our pale-skinned cousins have homes here now. We should not be trying to remove them, to claim land from under them. That would be lowering ourselves to the standard of Colonial England from two centuries ago. That is a significant step backwards.

We should be fighting to maintain our rights, we should be fighting to preserve our people, our culture, and we should be fighting to regain our standards of living.

Not inflicting the same pain on Australians with European ancestry. In every sense, I do feel that Anti-Colonialism is racist. No necessarily against the people, but against their culture. This is how they live, this is how their communities are built. And as unfortunate as it is that their ancestors have done so much wrong, we still have the opportunity for generating so much right.

In turn, I must say that I,as an aboriginal, was horrified at the G20 summit. Violent protesting, no matter how harmless, is still violence. Do we really want our children seeing rioting in the street?

I think peaceful,family protests, which I have witness on this site, are by far the more effective forms of making a point. Of standing up in a manner wherein our people get the benefit of the doubt.

While we have much to strive for, please keep anti colonialism in your books as something more of a concept than an active practise. We don't want to become that which we are freeing ourselves of. :)

Moderation, especially with culture, is more than acceptable as a way of teaching our children European Australian values, while giving them the full wealth of our heritage and knowledge. To raise a child in ignorance of either culture I feel is the primary cause for so much of the misunderstandings that people associate to us. Or the ignorance shown in the face of our plight.

Again thank you, Anna, for providing very tailed reports and ideas, as well as shows of community and selflessness as you have been an example of.

Thank you, djurumin (sister) Anna.

I will continue to read your blog and hopefully provide input where I think we can work for a healthier cause (If you do not mind).

May your family be healthy and strong!

Ana said...

Thank you so much for your comment, I cant comment about the g2o as Im going to trial for a charge relating to that later this year. We can agree to differ , but for me the heart of my struggle is an anti colonial one, not against white people (Im married to one) but to the systems of inequality that is the legacy of colonialism around the world.

Its my honour to live on aboriginal land & i am a Maori settler ally of Aboriginal sovereignty.

Love regards & strength to your family as well.