169 years of Oppression is nothing to celebrate

Ka Pai , good job, 169 years of oppression, only colonised fools would celebrate their own demise in their own lands. Good job john honkey & sell out sharples, look for the resistance to your combined agenda to intensify.

You have to ask yourself what world our so called Maori leaders live in when they ignore this:

New Zealand jobless count up 37 per cent last year

05.02.09 03:44

As the economy fell into recession, the number of jobless New
Zealanders rose nearly 37 per cent last year, topping 100,000 for the
first time since 2002, according to official figures released Thursday.

With 105,000 workers idle, the unemployment rate rose steadily
throughout the year to reach 4.6 per cent, Statistics New Zealand
said, reporting its quarterly household labour force survey, dpa reported.

Economists have tipped the jobless rate to reach 7 per cent by early
next year despite economic stimulus measures announced by the new
centre-right government elected in November.

The figures showed indigenous Maori workers worst affected, with 9.6
per cent of them jobless in the December quarter, followed by 7.8 per
cent of Pacific islanders and 6.3 per cent of Asians.

The unemployment rate for the dominant ethnic European population was
3.2 per cent.
and ignorance is no defence :

4:00AM Friday Feb 06, 2009
By Yvonne Tahana

Iwi leaders who control assets estimated at $5 billion met Prime
Minister John Key to brief him on ways they could move important Maori
issues forward.

But on a day when dreadful unemployment numbers for Maori were released
- 9.6 per cent compared with 4.6 per cent nationally - it was a subject
that was not on the forum's agenda.

Forum chairman Sonny Tau, also the Te Runanga o Ngapuhi chairman, said
unemployment was not discussed. He would not be drawn on why
The majority of our population are young, and our so called elders & leaders have already spent the future that has been taken away from our youth, its time to take it back.

Ka whawhai tonu matou ake tonu atu

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Anonymous said...

Re: My wish for Waitangi Day
06 Feb 2009
by George R
'but it seems now days if you are a worker, a gang member or on an benefit you don't qualify as a 'real' Maori anymore'

The biggest group that are treated as second class Maori are those living in cities irrespective of their class...that being the majority of Maori, last stats check put it at around 80% of the total Maori population.

So who are these so called Maori leaders representing?

I'll tell you right now they are representing noone other than themselves, using their Government/Crown created positions and recently handed over Crown wealth, under the guise of full and final treaty settlements, to create for themselves empires under the faux banner called IWI.

They have allowed and been completely complicit to the Crown to convert rights to Maori sovereign land, forest, rivers, lakes, seabed, foreshore and minerals into leasable business property, millions in blood moneys, and hundreds of millions in capital assets...NONE of which any of the 80% of Maori living in the city will have a say over or see 10 cents of.

Neither will most of those living in rural and traditional hapu areas have much of a say either other than to turn up at trust meetings to hear about how their so called treaty settlement lotto wins have been mismanaged and are dwindling away into vapour due to nepotists, inexperience and greed, or, converted into international capital and investment for which they will never ever benefit from.

Meanwhile your average Maori whanau living in the cities struggles on the dole or low paid employment or making do with a bit of under market trading in order to get by or on the various type sick/invalids benefits.

Meanwhile Maori leaders 'no te kainga' continue to urge urban Maori to return to their traditional hapu areas, yet do not provide an affordable or realistic process to do so, added to that, many areas in our traditional hapu rohe do not even have affordable housing for rent let alone to buy, added to that, even if there are houses to buy, a large chunk of urban Maori are not able to get housing loans due to bad debt and no assets, so the rhetoric and banter goes on year after year, the faux solution for those Maori living in cities, ends up just being empty jestures and appeasement of conscience.

Meanwhile Maori students continue to clock up millions of dollars in debt in student loans in order to tertiary educate themselves in western institutions, and recover the reo of their ancestors in over priced reo + tikanga courses.

Meanwhile urban sharks, organisations like MUMA/UMA continue to receive millions in funding supposedly for urban Maori development but instead are only developing their own urban copies of the burgeoning rural iwi empires.

Meanwhile those Maori that can afford it are abandoning this mess to head to anywhere else but here and make a fresh start at the detriment usually of their extended whanau/hapu, and sadly often their Maoritanga.

Meanwhile even though the Maori Party were supposedly able to get consent from Maori to be tied by the apron strings to the National Party in the same time it is said it took Christ to die and rise from the dead...yet they were unable to get consent from Maori about which flag should fly on the Auckland Harbour Bridge because 2 weeks was too short a time frame...

Yeah happy Waitangi day everyone...