Pascoes Waka

this is an eye witness account of the pressure and intimidation that continues on the defendants and their whanau. With the reporting of the "evidence" being suppressed, the media part of this state/police repression operation/campaign was given a major blow, so it looks like nga poaka are feeling desperate

11/09/08 around 11am Maryanne and I walked down from the court course making our way across the road to the coffee shop to purchase a bottle of pump water and a cuppa chino.

As we crossed the road several cars were parked outside the coffee shop. We walked behind 1 of the cars as it was pretty much right outside the coffee shop. We walked behind this car towards the coffee shop. Maryanne noticed marks on the silver car she pointed as we walked by look at that I starred as we carried on walking to the shop oh hell wander who owns that car. Maryanne said I think its Pascoe’s. I said oh hell someone don’t like him as we carried into the shop. We purchase a bottle of pump and waited for our cuppa chino. We then turned around to go back to the court.

Outside the coffee shop a man in a white stripped t-shirt forcefully holding our whanau members arms namely Watene. The man in the white stripe t-shirt was vicious as he was continuous yelling at Watene accusing him of damaging police property. The man in the white striped t-shirt started going red as a beetroot shaking he was very shaky his hands were shaking his face was evil. Watene’s partner was holding onto his arms saying this is my husband why are you doing this to him he hasn’t done anything your just picking on us. The man in the white striped t-shirt then whacked Bonnie in the head with his right hand. She flew back from the blow trying to balance her self from falling. She came back yelling leave my husband he’s done nothing who are you. Watene was holding onto his sausage roll it fell and someone picked it up and ate his sausage roll.

I tapped the man in the white striped t-shirt and said why he is under arrest he turned around and whacked me on the chest with his right arm. I then yelled out on the loud speaker to the audience of people who watched it all going down, did you see that people did you see that man assault me. The man yelled and told me to shut up. I continued to use the loud speaker. Within seconds 3-5 police cars showed up. They all got out of their cars some ran to the scene some walked. The man in the white striped t-shirt then pulled out from his waste area a badge showed it to the police and told them to arrest watene’s partner namely Bonnie.

They immediately grabbed her she continued yelling that’s my husband leave him alone why are you doing this we have done nothing leave us alone leave us alone. The police who grabbed Bonnie from behind grabbed her arms pulled them to the back and were pulling her towards their vehicles. I heard them saying to Bonnie your under arrest for resisting arrest. They then took her to the police vehicle and put her and drove off. They also did that to Watene. There were lots of people watching this scene there were also a couple of media I believe as I saw them taking photos.

We then proceeded to the police station taking all of Watene and Bonnie tamariki with us.

While waiting at the police station Bonny’s baby was screaming for milk as the baby is a breast fed baby. We asked if they could allow Bonnie to feed her baby. They denied our request and said not at this time she be 10min. 10min went by 20 minutes went by so we asked again could you take baby to be fed she’s a breast fed baby. They refused saying she wont be too long half and hour. 45 minutes later she was released.

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