Dominion Post editor summoned to Auckland to answer contempt of court charge in Operation 8 case

The Dominion Post editor has been summons to the Auckland District Court to appear before Judge Perkins today for breaching the suppression order relating to the Operation 8 case.

The Dominion Post breached suppression in an article entitled ‘Brothers give evidence in Urewera case’ dated 9 September.

The Dominion Post and its editor are already facing contempt charges for publication of the so-called ‘Terror Files’ on Nov 14, 2007 which included cherry-picked sensational quotes from the police affidavit in the Operation 8 case. The Solicitor-General has brought contempt charges which will be heard in the Wellington High Court starting 15 September at 10am.

There will be a protest outside the start of these court proceedings at 9:30am on Monday 15 September.

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