West Papua: Lawyer arrested by Anti-terrorist squad for sending a txt

Indonesian Military.jpg
On October 18th 2007 West Papuan human rights lawyer, Iwanggin Sabar Olif was arrested by members of Detachment 88, Indonesia's anti-terrorist squad. He was accused of forwarding a text message condemming the Indonesian military's treatment of West Papuan people. Ever since then he has been held in detention. A recent joint statement by several Papuan human rights organisations, calling for Sabar Olif's release, states that the anti-terrorist police have acted on the princple 'arrest him first, then get him to confess by whatever means necessary'. [Coalition of organisations demand the release of Sabar Olif Iwanggin]

Links: Indonesian Human Rights Committee Statement | January 2008 Court Hearings | The spectre of terrorism in Aotearoa - drawing the parallels

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