Some upcoming Events in the Kulin Nation

Tuesday March 10 - Groote Island Elders Arrive for 21 Day Trip to Victoria
Very exciting news. 25 elders from Groote island will be arriving in Victoria next Tuesday for 21 days. They want to tour Victoria and do some public, some private meeting and ceremonies. Particularily healing and passing over ceremonies for Victims of fire past and present. Excellent. Some just with indig. They need a 23 seater bus. They also want to do some fund raising stuff.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions or can help out with money or know of a bus or help organise fund raising event and with publicity for those events. Limited dates available (see below). Libby - libaty@gmail.com

Sunday March 15 @ 2pm-6pm - Black Harmony Gathering - Fairfield Amphitheatre Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield
The day will be opened with a traditional welcome to country performed by Aunty Joy Murphy and a smoking ceremony by Robbie Thorpe. With MC's Kutcha Edwards, Little G & Stick Mareebo......

Saturday March 21 - Main Fudraiser for the Groote Island Elders Trip - Venue & time TBC

Friday & Saturday March 27 & 28 @ 7:30pm - Blak Nite Cinema - Treasury Gardens.
City of Melbourne 9658 9658
A Free event. The films shown will be: Bastardy - about Uncle Jack Charles - by Amiel Coutrin Wilson. And Lionel -About Lionel Rose - by Eddie Martin. There will also be music, filmmaker introductions & Welcome to Country.


Thursday April 9 - Barbara Shaw arrives in Melbourne


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