Camp Sovereignty Anniversary

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Tomorrow - Thursday March 12 - is the Anniversary of Camp Sovereignty

Meet at Kings Domain @ 11:30am for 12 noon Start

Then moving to Birrung Maar (behind federation square)

The spark will be ignited at kings domain @ 12 noon. After a little ceremony the fire will travel to Birrung Maar where it will be placed in a fire pit to roar. People can gather there all day and night if desired. BYO music, instruments, food to share and other festive accessories. Drug and Alcohol free.

We are also expecting special guests from Groote Eylandt in Arnhem Land to be there to share in the healing.

See you there!!

Spread the word!!!

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Anonymous said...

looks like the Groote Eylandt elders, all 25 will be at Kings Domain at 12 pm tomorrow for fire ceremony. Joy Murphy will also be welcoming them to country at 10.30 at Birrungmar. The fire will move from kings Domain to Birrungmar at around 12.3--1pm depending on dancing and singing at Kings Domain where 36 indigenous people of Victoria are buried.

Then byo food and drink. (drug and alcholo free) musical instruments and family and friends.

We are looking for people to drive the 23 seater bus and tour with the elders.

If people wish to make donations to cover cost of tour we would also be grateful. The over all costs for travel(flights (33000) food, petrol, bus hire, sleeping bags and tents, and other needs is around 50 000. We also like to be able to assist the Groote Eylandt community with further cultural exchange and their community needs.

We are still looking for invitations from other elders and people from around victoria for healing ceremonies. We are looking for a venue for a major event in Melbourne on 27/28th of March. If you can assist with a venue (ideally outdoor) or assist with organising any events or the tour please contact us. Please forward this email on in your network.

Libby Wertheim

The group of 25 arrive on Tuesday the 10 of March

Yes, Next Tuesday. They will be in Victoria for 21 days

Leaving from Adelaide on the 2nd of April.

While in Victoria they are most happy meet every one that is willing to share with us all

Their vibrant living Culture.

They also feel that much education will take place by all us mob showing that we are coping with a different world while reviving our own customs and beliefs in a contemporized society.

Enthusiastically they anticipate meeting Many Elders and Traditional Owners from Victoria. In as many community Venues as possible.

I have enclosed A flexible Schedule and I await your contact concerning Hosting a small or Large Gathering and welcome to country.

Fund raising is not the priority at these gathering in country, but all funds raised will be shared with the hosting community hopefully to be kept for future events of conciliation.

and cultural exchange.(self determination) no profit is anticipated. Repaying our most generous benefactor must be the priority for any fund raising events and it is also Suggested that a donation to the fire devastated past and present be collected and presented jointly by all the participants in the monumental event.

Once introductions have been initiated it is hopefully taking leaps to restabilising communications between elders and traditional owners all over the Nations, achieving Harmony of “Country Lore” Song line and Spirit for all living with in our Great Nations.

I hope to hear from you later today at least over the week end.

Public Holiday Monday Please Don’t leave me hanging to long,

We do not want anyone to miss this opportunity.

Kindest Regards

Helen Dodds

Project Coordinator

“The Purple Circle” Recycling Opportunity, what goes around comes around give back to community.


The Group will be bringing tents and sleeping bags assistance with Food will be greatly appreciated we will be purchasing all perishables in the local host area.(trying to save NO take away) We will be hiring the transport

Logistics Suggested travel his way - Shepparton, Maryborough, Horsham, Halls Gap, Melbourne recently most affected fire areas Kilmore, Gippsland, Marysville, Melbourne

Portland that’s the Flow we are trying to Achieve. But------ have bus will travel!