NZ Military Building Paint Bombed on Sixth Anniversary of Iraq War

In the early hours this morning, we paint bombed a NZ military building on Great North road Auckland. This action was taken to mark the sixth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Since the beginning of the US assault on Iraq, 1 million civilians have died. This was a small action to commemorate and stand in solidarity with those who have resisted and suffered at the hands of imperialism across the globe. The splatters of red paint on the windows symbolise a tear drop in the ocean of blood that has been shed during the war.

We chose to target the NZ military to highlight its role it has played both in the Iraq war and in the broader “War on Terror”. NZ has openly sent engineers to Iraq under the pretext of reconstruction, however much of the work carried out was on strengthening US military bases. It is our belief that in addition the NZ army has also been sending its elite unit the SAS to carry out covert operations in Iraq. New Zealand plays a small but important role supporting US aggression: from the Waihopai spy domes to sharing of so-called intelligence with US agencies.

The NZ government's contribution to the war machine is unacceptable, and this small act of resistance is to show that we are watching and we won't forget its acts of terrorism on ordinary people today and throughout history.

No matter how long this war lasts and how many more are waged, there will always be resistance.


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