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Guest Commentary from fellow freedom fighter Geoffrey Karena
Tena Tatou katoa

What a rip off this government is aye cuzzies, firstly they turn up at one of our hui in the late 1700's and start getting the local whomsoever happened along to scratch an x on a peice of paper and they get a few blankets and tobacco, huh and they state in 2009 in a waitangi tribunal report on said land that it was legally sold to the crown for ever and ever for all time, and that the land is now the property of the invaders. What a pack of crocks as those deals were illegal, selling was not the intention of the tangata whenua. There were obviously issues occurring within iwi, who were mixed in the pakeha being here in aotearoa. This was evidenced by those of nga puhi who did not support the crown and participated in nothing, and then there were those who supported the crown who fought for and on behalf of the crown. Oh and then there were those that fought both the crown and the iwi who who fought with the crown. Then there were those such as Ngati Awa, Ngati Hikutu, Pou etc who did not want anything to do with either of the differing trains of thoughts who just wanted to remain as they were. Be that at its own pace rather than that espoused by the then changing world. The majority of those that support the crown through time and curcumstances beyond their control all end up fighting alongside those whanau who did the opposite and are today forming unlikely alliances that today we have to use to better assist us in wresting control and te mana motuhake of this whenua off the pakeha and back to the iwi owners.

Much of the reports written for the waitangi tribunal and claimants to Nga takiwa o Pewhairangi, and areas known to Nga Puhi etc, are hence today thus used by pakeha historians to weave their specific fantasy which they use to justify their existence in aotearoa and the invalidity of the Treaty Of Waitangi. The pakeha are using this document to ensure that iwi remember that the Land Deed Sales state clearly "the Iwi give up all rights to said lands to the queen of england for ever and ever" what a load of shit that is. To the pakeha Aotearoa was a waste land, terra naulis with no living beings here we were not even considered to be human. The Iwi tactics of those times were disjointed and ineffective to stem the theft of our whenua.

Conspiricy theory or fact

That Waikato Tairea Te ArikiNui o Ngati Awa, te Whakaminenga o Te Tai Tokerau went to England to see King Edward the 4th where on one of many visits he made from 1816 onwards the subject was free trade with Great Britain. The deal involved Seal and Whaling rights, timber Spars for sailing ships, agriculture, flax and settlement.
The guns he and Hongi Hika came back with were brought on the international arms markets with the gold and diamonds they had taken with them. They guns were used to displace those tribes who had been asked to make way for the coming british settlers, te whanga nui a tara was one such place for a settlement as was new plymouth, Auckland as a city was thought of later on as a settlement in that Kororareka and the bay of islands became too small for the hundreds of thousands of ships that were expected in our waters.

These instigators of this free trade deal are still in place and as such all our primary products such as meat, dairy products, timber, minerals etc., are free to western countries britain america etc, all at the behest of the deal worked out with Waikato Tairea in 1816. What the british were supposed to do was to pay iwi 13 pounds out of every hundred to go towards every iwi person of aotearoa for their Education, Healthcare, Employment, entertainment, etc. The system of this country is what iwi were responsible for establishing which this government calls its government as it stands today.

at the time the iwi who worked this deal were all murdered so kotahitanga was sparodic, with many of the tribes not knowing what was being transpired above them thence falsley wanting the pakeha resident in our towns and cities. Those that scratched the x on Land Sales for the majority of iwi lands had been taken for the incoming NZ Company Settlers a deal worked out by the free trade deal of 1816.

I think this deal needs to be repealed

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Anonymous said...

What a load of racist bullshit. The British are the reason you lot still aren't running around in grass skirts thumping your chests and eating each other. Maori hadn't even invented the wheel for christs sake haha, isn't that hilarious! And here you are moaning about the Pakeha and how evil he is. Go back to life as the Maori used to live 500 years ago and then you can moan. But you can't do without your weed, alcohol and KFC, isn't that right? It's easy to moan about shit when you have a great life living with European culture. There is nothing at all that the Maori as a people have contributed to New Zealand, besides tourism - everyone wants to see the freak show Maoris eating their chests and sticking their tongues out haha. But the fact remains that the Maori, before colonisation, were still in the stone age. You didn't even have an alphabet! Europeans had invented that thousands of years before Maori even came to New Zealand. The Maori are a joke. Oh wait, there is ONE thing the Maori contribute - keeping prisons in business and building the roads. I quite like it that way. :) haha