Save Sealord Workers

Put people before profits!

More than 160 workers at Sealord’s fish processing plant in Nelson are to lose their jobs through restructuring. 
The announcement came within days of the Job Summit called by NZ Prime Minister John Key to work out how to save jobs!

At a time when unity and collective cooperation between unions, employers and the Government is making headlines, Sealord have demanded that their employees must accept a reduction in wages to increase profits or face dismissal. 
“Sealord intends to lay off around 160 staff immediately, and have indicated to us that they may close the processing plant in the near future unless staff agree to what is effectively a $70 a week cut in wages across the board.” says Neville Donaldson, SFWU Assistant National Secretary. 
“At a time when most businesses are saying they are prepared to make less profits in order to secure employment, Sealord have demanded that workers increase the company profits by $1.8 million through wage and condition cuts.” 
“If staff don’t agree to the proposed cut in wages and conditions within the three week consultation process, Sealord management have advised us that the board may take an option to close the processing facility in Nelson which currently employs over 500 workers.” 
The company plans to process fish on factory ships out at sea.

Send an email to Sealord Chair Robin Hapi here

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