APEC is coming

What a complete was of resourses for this neo liberal pony show and front for American Imperialism & Militarism in our region.

I'll be posting stuff from various anti APEC archival stuff over the next few days.

Jordan Baker
May 1, 2007
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Sydneysiders will have to put up with street closures, motorcades to and from the airport and lots of police around the Opera House, Government House and Darling Harbour before and during APEC this September.

Organisers today released early details of a four-phased traffic plan for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in early September, when US President George Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin come to town along with 18 other regional leaders.

Some 400 business leaders, 6000 delegates and 1500 members of the media will also descend on the city.

Motorcades of various sizes will travel between the airport and the city - US Vice-President Dick Cheney had 20 vehicles when he was in Sydney - and cars parked in clearways will be towed.

From Friday, September 7 - which has been declared a public holiday - until the following Sunday, access to parts of the city will be restricted and there will be high levels of security.

Some vehicles will have to be searched.

Motorists will be told which streets will be restricted closer to the date.

Other measures include:

- High visibility policing of clearways and CBD roads, including enforcement of


- Traffic escorts of APEC leaders to venues and hotels.

- Selected routes for commercial deliveries to enter and leave the northern part of the city will be provided closer to the event dates.

- Security measures at some businesses within the northern part of the CBD.

- Entry to some streets might require vehicles to undergo security searches.

- Access to residential and business premises will continue, although at certain times there may be a police or security presence at or nearby premises.

- Continued use of electronic traffic signs on major roads within the metropolitan road network and throughout the CBD.

- The signs will be updated by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority to alert motorists, residents and businesses of changes

Earlier today NSW Deputy Premier John Watkins questioned the value of APEC for Sydney and said the city would face massive disruption.

He said it would have been better to hold APEC in Canberra.

In reponse Prime Minister John Howard said he was "amazed" by the NSW Government's attitude.

"This will be the most prestigious gathering of world leaders ever in Australia, and is the NSW Government saying that Australia’s biggest and most international city can’t handle that?" the Prime Minister said.

"These are the economies of our region - this is the Pacific region, the Asian-Pacific region which is our future.

"And small- minded, retreating New South Wales is saying we can’t handle it. I know there will be disruption, and that’s because of security, but security is not the fault of democracy, security is the fault of terrorism, and instead of trying to wedge the Federal Government on that issue, the NSW Government should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder and saying, we want this event in Sydney; we want this event to be a great success; and it will bring millions of dollars to the NSWs economy, there will be thousands of visitors coming for APEC."

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The Australian chaiman of an international business advisory council says the New South Wales, isn't welcoming the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation Summit in September.

Karon Snowdon reports Sydney is to host the leaders summit in September which will also attract around 8-thousand government and business delegates.

But the State Deputy Premier John Watkins says the high security surrounding the event will only disrupt the Sydney business district and won't provide anything tangible for the city, unlike the Olympics.

The attitude has been criticised as small minded by the Prime Minister, John Howard.

Now Mark Johnson, the Chair of the international business council which provides advice to the APEC leaders summit has weighed in.

"I'ts a little parochial and so in that sense its disappointing," Mr Johnson said.

If we don't want to be a wrold city in a world economy we can turnacks on lots of these things and suffer a diminished standard of living.

Mr Johnson is also the Deputy Chairman of the country's biggest investment bank, the Macquarie Bank

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