The co-editor of a new book about being gay and Maori says it was
inspired by the Destiny Church's protests against the Civil Union Bill.

Jessica Hutchings says the book, Sexuality and the Stories of
Indigenous People, was a way to say Maori gay, lesbian and transgender
people are not going away and they have a contribution to make to society.

Ms Hutchings says many Maori takatapui felt the publicity the
predominently-Maori Destiny Church got over the Civil Union Bill was a
personal attack on them.

"It was such an assault for many of us on who we are just as people,
not necessarily only as queer people but as being a mother or being
part of whanau or being part of tribal politics and our work
identities. For people to stand up and walk down the streets and say
hey, this is not okay – actually was not okay for many of us in the
takatapui community," Ms Hutchings says.

She says the book may help young Maori who are coming out feel they
are not alone

Hungochani: History of a dissident sexuality
Hungochani: History of A Dissident Sexuality in Southern Africa
Marc Epprecht
McGill-Queens University Press

The Place of Takatāpui Identity within Māori Society: Reinterpreting
Māori Sexuality within a Contemporary Context

A paper presented at
Competing Diversities: Traditional Sexualities and
Modern Western Sexual Identity Constructions Conference
Mexico City, 1 to 5 June, 2005

Clive Aspin
Nga Pae o te Maramatanga
University of Auckland
New Zealand


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