You hypocritical colonial swine,
who the fuck are you,
to brand anyone,
a terrorist.
Centuries of systematic murder
of Indigenous Peoples globally
for land and wealth,
is the legacy you leave.
You fucked up moronic monster.

With sheer terror,
lustful greed
and killing in your heart,
you plundered the Earth.
You fucking murderous beasts,
raped our Mother
massacred her Children.
All in the name
of your perverted
colonial empire.

Your methods defy
any form of humanity.
Attempted genocide
on a worldwide scale.
Such evil ways
could only be from
the mind of a demon
bent on an orgy
of degradation and terror.

You built your histories
You are disgusting,
branding our Peoples
Yet another means
to continue the torture
of innocent People
fighting for a right
to be heard.

Despite your feeble attempts
we will overcome
your treachery
your dollar driven deceit
and we will emerge
strengthened by your weakness.
We are proud.
We are Black.
We are dignity
We are victorious.

by C. Burraga Gutya

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