Noho Hewa

dear Hawai'i and non-Hawai'i friends all, my friend Keala Kelly's film, "Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai'i," has been accepted into the Honolulu Film Festival. The premiere will be at DOLE CANNERY on OCTOBER 13, at 6 PM. This is the ONLY film in the festival by a Hawaiian (or anyone else) that deals with the extreme effects of militarization,
tourism, and GMO on Native Hawaiians and the land in Hawai'i. It's very important that as many people as possible go see this film and vote for it at the premiere. That's one of the few ways a film can make it out into the world.

The importance of this is not about personalities or individuals, but about getting the real information about Hawai'i out into the world. PLEASE GO SEE IT and, very importantly, VOTE FOR IT!

If you are not in Hawai'i (and also if you are), Keala's website is www.nohohewa.com. Please also go there and donate--she needs to convert the film to digi-beta, which costs about $300, and to survive for the next month. She is focusing completely on the film and cannot work till it's done.

Keala recently coordinated and helped the Al Jazeera film crew to produce their tv documentary on Hawai'i:



"Noho Hewa" is a film that those of you who are teachers will be using for years to come to inform students about the situation on the ground in Hawai'i. Those of you who are not teachers will want to see "Noho Hewa" to inform yourselves and your friends and families, so the lies about a U.S. "Paradise" in Hawai'i can be stopped.

Voting for "Noho Hewa" means shining a public light in militarism, desecration, the Akaka Bill and removal of Hawaiians from their homeland. Your vote will really matter. If this film comes away from this festivalwithout a prize, the issues in the film will remain ignored. Let's not let that happen.

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