Lex Wotton on Palm Island

Invited by the Indigenous Social Justice Association on August 10th 2008 Lex Wotton spoke in Melbourne prior to his trial relating to the riots in Palm Island. He was charged with inciting a riot and describes in his own words the events that day.

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Day three of Wotton trial begins with a splutter
NATIONAL October 8, 2008: Day three of the trial of Lex Wotton - the accused ringleader of the Palm Island riots - has begun with a splutter. Most of the morning has been taken up with legal argument about several aspects of the trial. When a witness finally did take the stand shortly before lunch, she only lasted several minutes before she was stood down for more legal argument, and amid concerns for her health.

Wotton trial underway; court watches videos of rallying cries from Palm Islanders
NATIONAL, October 8, 2008: The trial of Lex Wotton, the alleged ringleader of the 2004 Palm Island riots, has begun in Brisbane with jurors played video footage of a community grieving the loss of of one of its own.

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