Stray Alien Invasion Day /Aboriginal Sovereignty 08

“The British colonisation of Australia began at Botany Bay in 1788. It was soon met with stiff resistance from the people of the Eora Aboriginal nation, the first people to be confronted by this invasion of ‘settlers’. Led by Pemulwuy, a clever strategist, they outfoxed and outwitted the colonist for several years.

When Pemulwuy was finally captured he said in his language: ‘You’ll never make me a white man you scum!” According to the Aboriginal history of the invasion, which has been handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation, these were Pemulwuy’s last words. A British soldier summarily shot him dead. After he was shot, his head was severed from his body and sent to England to be examined, measured and analysed according to commonly accepted theories fashionable at the time.

About Aboriginal Sovereignty
Waratah Rose Gillespie

Because the invasion was illegal at international law, all white people are here illegally. Through recognizing Aboriginal sovereignty, their presence in this country can be legitimised.

Isabell Coe –Wiradjuri Nation

Was hot for sure 220 years after the genocidal, land thieving, boat people landed and invaded Aboriginal Nations. It was a day to remember & honour those who had fallen in the struggle. It was a day to remember the the current reality of colonial invasion was genocide and theft, and what thats means to us on a daily basis. Pretending that it didn’t happen is some form of pathological denial, but settlers are great at re-working history and settler state myth making.

Our whanau will refuse to take part or be silent beneficiaries of Aboriginal genocide any longer. The spirit of the day we had in Melbourne was fierce, Aboriginal people are on the move, Maori, Mohawk indigenous people around our planet are standing up. The recent cessation of the
Lakotah Nation from Amerikkka has given heart to Indigenous nations in struggle all over the world.

Catching up with and hanging out with the mob, hearing some choice sounds and other whanau was awesome.

Looks like we gonna have a busy year this year.

"Every breath we take is a breath of survival, every breath we take is the breath of resistance."

Mauri Ora


Sacred Fire and deadly speeches at Gertrude Street Fitzroy, urban Aboriginal heartland.

Front of the hikoi

Indigenous Solidarity

Mapuche & Maori sista’s

Unity Against colonialism in the Pacific

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GOD said...

How can the landing and taking of Australia be illegal to them. They didnt live by our law. They didnt even know law until we came. So yeah it cant be illegal. Funny how they think they have no need to live by our law because it aint there law but when it comes to us bieng here its illegal. HA HAHA.

The resistance has started, what are they going to do. March down the roads yelling out " invasion invasion " its all they really can do.