Open Letter from Patricia Trocoso Robles after 99 Days on Hunger Strike

To my beloved people, to every weichafe [warrior], to every lamieng
[sister], to every man, woman and child that seeks to construct a more
just society.

I want to express all my recognition and loyalty from this humble worn
flag, that has had to go through such silent torture these many long
days. Many may ask how I am able to write and talk from this position.
The rebellion and convection of those who struggle and continue
struggling is "absolutely legitimate." Of what can they accuse and
criminalize us for? We have only resisted unto the invading attacks of
those who rob us of our natural resources, land, and dignity; that
repress, incarcerate, murder and exploit us with no pity.

Has this state forgotten about history? It has forgotten the blood it
has spilt over our mother earth. It has forgotten the systematic
pillaging and how its arrogance and pride has reduced us to a cultural
expression that struggles for its survival; not recognizing the rights
that we have (and always have had) as ancient owners of the territory
that belonged to all of us and all that live on it. I write of this
newen, which helps me struggle day to day; from what is historically
just and would give justice not only to my people, but all peoples.

I, from this worn flag I will address everyone that seeks the same
thing I do. To not giving up after tomorrow, because after the cameras
and press are gone and we are left alone to defend ourselves, we need
to have total coherence and resistance. The enemy is silently coming
and chains you once again with greater strength, so you will never
rise up again.

The day after tomorrow we will continue to struggle, to maintain this
sense and this newen for the good of all of those who believe that
everything must change for the good of everyone.
It is for this reason, brothers and sisters, that we do not believe in
the words of this coalition government, because they have provoked all
this damage, all this death, all this injustice.

We should not believe in those who have such fragile memories, that
forget about their word. We must correlate the actions and politics of
reclamation of land and freedom for ourselves. We do not believe in
good intentions; let these be put into action and time will tell if we
can recover a bit of trust.

We do not believe in the "interpretation" of treaty No.169 (of the
ILO), ratified by the Chilean government in order to clean their image
.... The image of a stubborn, inhumane, racist, and exploitive
government that protects the rich, and displaces us of the earth's
"Newen" to all the Mapuche People from coast to coast, Newen to our
siblings of Puelmapu, our siblings in Gulumapu... United we will
triupmh against the oppressors. Newen to the Peoples of the Americas,
Newen to men and women of the earth.

Borthers and sisters, let us leave aside our protagonisms to defend
our mother earth and all that she gave birth to.

With all the strength we will defend ourselves against the oppressor
and exploiter; where one of us are touched, we are all touched.

Much strength and spirit in this hard task. Much loyalty and
transparency. Let every word be defended by blood.

To Reclaim the Land and Freedom!

OUT all of those who violate and exploiter mother earth!

Michel, Michel...? What's wrong with Michel? Who kills and tortures
just like Pinochet.

From the Hospital of Angol
January 17, 2008

Patricia Troncoso Robles - "La Chepa"

Distributed by the Women's Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada
email: wccc_98(*)hotmail.com

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