Mapuche Activist Dying in 104 Days of HUNGER Strike in Chile.URGENT

Patricia Troncoso, Mapuche Activist is seriously ill and is feared that she may die any minute now

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The Mapuche activist Patricia Troncoso , who was sentenced in an unjust and unfair trial and jailed for 20 years charged with terrorism, accused of been involved in the burning of some forestry machinery, had completed her 104 days of Hunger strike .

At present she had been taken in urgency by prision guards and under a strong police contigent to an emergency hospital facility in Chillan, south of Santiago. She is grave danger of dying due to the severity of the strike, which she had used to make awareness to the Mapuche plight and her jail conditions. The Bachelet government had resorted to more repressive measures against the Mapuche mobilisations, and only 10 days ago, carabineros(Chilean Police) used live bullets to dissolved a protest in a farm in Mapuche territories.

A young Mapuche university student was murdered shot 6 times in his back by an UZI machinegun. A police officer is now in custody for this muder. This latest death comes at a time when the Mapuche question is high in the international media, despite the silence chosen by NZ media and NZ government, Please get yourself informed and support Mapuche struggle,
DONT DO BUSINESS WITH CHILE until all troops are out of Mapuche Territories!!

Free Patricia Troncoso!!


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