The NZ Government is making changes to the Foreshore and Seabed Act and renamed it the new Marine and Coastal Area Bill.
  1. What is the Marine and Coastal Area Bill?
Basically it’s about our beaches, our ocean and our seas.

The place where we enjoy and spend time with our friends and family.
The place we teach our children how to swim or build their first sandcastle.  
The place we enjoy a game of cricket or simply just throwing a rugby ball around.
The place we gather seafood for family or community occasions
The place we say I do as we celebrate our love for each other
The place we admire the sea views of nature’s beauty
The place we walk, we jog with our dogs, we skate, we run and scroll baby in pram along the seaside footpath feeling the sea breeze as we go about our daily lives.

  1. Who created this Marine and Coastal Area Bill?
This Bill is created by NZ Government for NZ Government, always creating laws for their own needs and not the needs of our nation and people who live and visit our beautiful country.

  1. Why the Government wants to make this Bill legal is...?
Simply MONEY, that’s the NZ Governments number one focus, MONEY.
Money cannot bring back our love ones
Money cannot buy us happiness
Money cannot build our nation
Money cannot provide us sea life resources

  1. What the NZ Government intend to use this Bill for?    

  • To mine on our beautiful beaches, simply means to dig out all our natural resources out of our ocean.
  • To oil drill in our harbours, simply means more pollution and no more fish.
  • To privatise our shorelines and sell it off to overstate buyers, simply means no public access to our beaches.       

  1. What are the dangers of this Bill?
Death road for Maori Party and all Parties who support this Bill.

The NZ Government want to make this Bill legal in the next couple of days, so I am going to MARCH AGAINST THIS BILL, starting 6am from Cape Reinga 14th Monday March 2011, going through to Wellington arriving at Parliament Buildings in due time. If you have great love for our ocean, our environment, our country, our people, our future, you are most welcome to join me on this journey as we March together TO OPPOSE THIS MARINE AND COASTAL AREA BILL
If you want to know more on this issue or want to know where we will be in the next couple of days, you can txt me directly on my phone 0211778111

‘Bring your shoes, placards, banners, flags and most of all your love and support’


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