KUPUNA PEPPERD SPRAYED Laie Kuleana Occupation

Laie Kuleana Occupation

Kanaka Maoli Standing Up For Their Rights, Claiming what was always Theirs!

Today mark your calendars I will enter the Battle of this Century between an Indigenous Hawaiian Woman and the entity of the Mormon Church, Hawaii Reserves Incorporated. Adverse Possession is the filthy word among Indigenous Hawaiians, homeless, strangers in their land. It should not be but AMERICAN THIEVES attempted to usurper our land from under us by DISGUISE AND THEIR PERVERTED LAW. While I prepare for the BATTLE OF MAHUNALII AND KAUAIOMANO I have DEEDS, MAPS, SURVEYS etc. I am doing this because the BONES OF MY ANCESTORS are buried there. The SPIRITS OF MY ANCESTORS COMPEL me to do what is right protect, preserve, perpetuate their history, culture and way of life. May the BONES of all our indigenous ancestors rise up from this day forward and
compel their descendants to do the same. Mahalo...

Dawn K. Wasson, Kupuna o Laiewai

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