Kwame Toure / Afrika / pt. 2

Alright, now dig. Here comes this honky from Europe, sets foot on this country, the red people are here, but they don't exist, so he discovered it. This has been the history of white society, they have never recognized anybody who is non-white, so nothing happens until they come and find you. Ha!

But now you've got to dig this thing about Columbus real deep, because when they tell you he discovered America and he was a dumb honky, I mean he was real stupid. He died thinking he was in India that is how dumb he was. And because he was stupid, he titled the Red man Indians. That's why they have the name, because some dumb honky thought he was in India.

So you've got to understand that. That's how riddled with racism it is -- that you can't even recognize it. They don't even recognize how racist it is to say that Christopher Columbus discovered America. And they never will admit it; they can't, they can't.

Not only that, if you go to writing the real history of this country you would say that this country is a country of thieves. They started off by stealing this country from the red men and committing genocide against them. Not only did it steal the country from the red men—that didn't satisfy them—they stole us from Africa. You've got to understand that this nation is a nation of thieves and is becoming a nation of murderers in Vietnam, we've got to stop it, we've got to stop it. Because we have to save our humanity! Let white American do as it will, but as black people we have to save our humanity. That is very very important .
Kwame Toure/Stokely Carmichael


Anonymous said...

hey sis! speaking of the red people, what do you make of this? Lakotah Republic answers questions

i'm looking for more...

Ana said...

Russell Means is the man, and Lakotah confirm that you take your freedom and move on from there.

the blog from your links is a good start and the Lakotah site its self cause people are best at talking bout their own struggles.


regards to you sista

Anonymous said...

you said it.

yes & yes!