Repression of West Papua Activists

Eight West Papuan men and women were arrested at a Tribal Congress as
West Papuans continue to assert their cause of independence from
Indonesia and protest the invasion and colonisation of Papua by
Indonesia resulting in the sham "Act of Free Choice in 1969".

U.S Congressman Eni Faleomavega, from American Samoa, was banned by
Indonesian Authorities from visiting West Papua and attending the
Tribal Congress. In Yogyakarta the Indonesian police, military and
local government have teamed up with Islamic militias and hardline
nationalist groups to crack down on West Papuan activists. Forty-five
student leaders in Yogyakarta have fled their dormitories, left their
studies and gone into hiding following statements issued by hardline
Islamic and nationalist organisations. (Report - Jakarta IMC (id))

This repression comes after a damning report by Human Rights Watch
accusing Indonesian police of endemic abuse and violence in West Papua.







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