anarchist action in hiroshima 2007!

Fw:*join anarchist action in hiroshima 2007! Comrades & Affinities,
Saluton from hiroshima, japnese islands. by the way, also 8:15 on 6 aug of this
year, anarchist comrades living in japnese islands will do an action against the
"heiwa-kinen-shikiten" & "fascist prime minister abe" at the foot of
motoyasu-bashi(motoyasu-bridge, very near to the heiwa-kouen and genbaku-doom!)
as an anti-government & anti-nuke protest. on every 6 August at hiroshima,
anarchist individuals/groups have done against faked "peace" for at least 18
years: "hiroshima has some important military bases/local headquater of japanese
military, and also U$ marine corp!", "hiroshima is not peace-city!", "NO NUKE!

If you will come to hiroshima on 8:15 of 6 aug 2007, if you will be able to
take part in our action at motoyasu-bashi, join us! after 8:15, we will go/pray
to Korean grave of a-bombing victims, then, will start a demo with black
flags/black&red flags! also this year, fascists scums(uyoku) will try
to prevent our demo at starting point.

following is our schedule of this 6 aug in hiroshima city:

*6 Aug about 7:45...starting our action against fuckin' heiwa-kinen-shikiten!
about 8:30...going/praying to korean grave of a-bombing victims
...then, we will try to start an anti-nuke/anti-government demo with black
flags at the central of hiroshima city.

after demo, on afternoon, we will hold a tiny anarchist gathering
(8.6hiroshima-syuukai) at a place of the central of hiroshima, maybe.(a part of
RRU members, la federacio anarkiista japanio, rebel_factory...will be
participated.) militant anarchists living in japnese islands are NOT DEAD YET!
thanx. in solidarity with black flags and fists.(rebel_JILL)


★旅浪人/ JILL rebel_jill98-A-yahoo.co.jp

Namonaku, Chiinaku, Sugatanashi... Ware Yamito Kageyori Hikariwo Utan.

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