Report says police force was unnecessary, unreasonable, and unjustified.

A report released today by the Independent Police Conduct Authority concluded that the actions of four police officers who used force against Rawiri Falwasser at Whakatane Police station were unnecessary, unreasonable, and unjustified.

Meanwhile, the really appalling thing about this case is that most of the officers have got off scot free. All were acquitted at trial in 2008 (apparently wearing a police uniform allows you to beat and torture with impunity), and while one has since resigned, the other two were either transferred or demoted. That's just not good enough. There should be no place in the New Zealand Police for thugs who beat prisoners. Their continued presence in the police force is yet another reason why we cannot trust or respect it.



Lucid Glow said...

The police are protected all over the world. Their victims aren't.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora,
Not surprising when Key supports our SAS in Afghanistan turning over citizens to be tortured.