First Time In Prison

First of all, my apologies.

I'm not usually one for 'emails to all', but please allow me a second to explain myself. 3 years ago, a young 18 year old Maori male accompanied his older brother on a midnight car trip.

A burglary later, and that young man was sentenced to eleven months in Mt.Eden Prison.Somehow, he and his family, as well as the Auckland City Court and the Department of Corrections agreed to my following this young man through his prison sentence with a small, hand held dv camera.

It's been three years of multi layered struggle to get this documentary to
air.But nothing in comparison to his personal struggle through his sentence.

Tonight is the night.

9.30 pm TV 3.

First Time In Prison.

Tearepa Kahi

Simply an internal snapshot, that allows us to see more, discuss more and perhaps reinforce what we already know - prisons do not help our people.

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