Public Meeting: Putting the terror laws on trial

Crudds recent speech in Jakarta reaffirmed Australia's commitment to the bullshit "war on terror & neo liberalism in our region through Apec. As ever why do Settler grubbyments think they have any moral, legal high ground when it comes to terrorism. The Indigenous genocide that their States are based on are founded and perpetuated by state sanctioned terrorism. I have attended the Barwon "13" trial in Melbourne, and if you wonder why the galleries aren't packed maybe the id check & metal detector and police presence over kill have something to do with it? Disgusting really when 'justice' is meant to be seen to be delivered in public. The Barwon trial is the showcase trail for Victorian anti terror legislation , much like the botched raids and prosecution of those in Aotearoa last year. Where were we and where was the outrage for what has happened to the Barwon defendants, anti Muslim racism seems entrenched totally. 

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University of Technology Sydney Monday 23 June, 7pm

Room CB 01.04.06 University of Technology, Sydney, Broadway, near the corner of Harris Street.

The anti-terror laws are again in the news with the decision to re-try Jack Thomas. One of the many concerning aspects of these laws is the persistence of the security organisations in pursuing people almost regardless of the decisions of the courts, egged on by the right-wing commentariat. Dr Mohamed Haneef is still under investigation by the Australian Federal Police. Peter Russo the lawyer who found himself in the spotlight when he defended Dr Haneef, is speaking in Sydney of the way this case changed his view of the laws and the politicisation of law enforcement.

Come along to hear from him and others including family members who are caught up in the "terror" cases in Melbourne and Sydney. There will be also be a speaker from the campaign to defend those arrested following the protest at the Group of 20 meeting in Melbourne in November 2006.

In the past five years Australia's anti-terrorism laws have been revealed as unjust, unnecessary, expensive and open to abuse. The laws were the lynchpin of the Howard government's anti-Muslim racism and war mongering, designed to pro duce a "terror threat" in Australia to justify the government's involvement in the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Alongside the use of the anti-terror laws there has been a consistent attack on basic civil liberties. Unprecedented charges have been laid against protestors at the Group of 20 meeting in Melbourne in November 2006 and we all witnessed extraordinary levels of policing at the APEC protests in September 2007.

We are concerned that six months into the Rudd government's term there are no moves to scrap the terror laws or reverse Howard's crackdown on dissent. The Clarke in quiry, set up to investigate the widely acknowledged mistreatment of Dr Haneef, has limited power to investigate those responsible. The problems run much deeper than the individual case of Dr Haneef and the terms of the inquiry —the laws themselves are geared to the kind of racist, unjust treatment that he received. Everyone who opposes to any policies of government has an interest in defending the right to protest from criminalisation and we all have a stake in seeing off racist laws.

Peter Russo speaks at University of Technology Sydney Monday 23 June, 7pm - follow the posters.

5pm the following day at Town Hall—bring placards, candles, banners

For more info call: Alex 0413 976 638, Jean 0410 772 110, Anna 0401 900 690

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