Hikoi ki Aokautere

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At lunch time on Saturday in Palmerston North Nga Uri o Te Rangiaranaki marched to Aokautere, ANZAC park to occupy, saying they would like to rebuild a Marae on their tupuna land. There was a police escort from The Square to Aokautere with the for warning that they will be arrested if they continue to occupy after 4pm.

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The group of about 20 yesterday marched from The Square to the bush-covered hill reserve on the edge of the Manawatu River.However, the protest ended when police arrested leader Carwyn Kawana for trespass. The rest of the group dispersed.

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Mr Kawana vowed he would be back every day till his bloodlines got the land back.He said a marae once stood on the land and it was also an old pa site and the "young warriors" wanted a marae to be built again to honour their ancestors.He was arrested after Palmerston North City Council representative Peter Eathorne asked them to leave and then read a trespass notice.Mr Eathorne said Anzac Park would be shut to the public this weekend to manage the "issue".Last Friday, Mr Kawana's group erected a carving in The Square but it was removed by the council.

thanx to T.I.A for the pics

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