'Operation 8' defendants back in court on March 5th

On 5 March 2008, a one-day hearing will take place in the Auckland District Court (10am) for the 18 people charged under the Arms Act after the raids across Aotearoa on 15/16 October 2007 and 19 February 2008. Bail conditions and suppression orders will be discussed for each defendant and a further court date will be set (either another pre-deposition hearing or a deposition hearing, which could last several weeks). March 5th | Legal Update | SIS | Further Raids | Donations for whanau support | Links | Aotearoa IMC Features | Mana Motuhake

Links: October 15th Solidarity | Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe | AoCafe
Events on 5 March 2008
  • Protest outside Auckland District Court, Albert Street, 9am to 11am. All the defendants arrested in the so-called anti-terror raids on October 15th last year appear in court once again along with two of the three further Tuhoe activists arrested last week. We won the battle late last year to prevent anti-terror laws being used against political activists and we need to ensure political activists don’t suffer the harassment dealt out to these people and Tuhoe generally as occurred last year.
  • Auckland Indymedia Film Screening: The Auckland Indymedia collective presents 'Terrorists - The kids they sentenced'. A screening to support those arrested in last years so called "terror raids". This Swedish documentary explores the story's of several activists arrested during anti globalisation protests at a European Union summit. The film uses interviews and police footage to explore why the demonstrators were there, the brutal police response to the protests and the arrests during the protests. Several of those arrested received prison sentences and this film looks at how the state portrays those that oppose it as violent and extremist. A heartfelt and powerful look behind the cliches and violent imagery the mainstream media uses. The film will be preceded by two short films about activism in Aotearoa. All proceeds from the screening will go to support those arrested in last years terror raids. 7pm, $5 or Koha, Cross St Studios, 27 Cross st Newton (off Upper Queen st)
  • October 15th Solidarity Action in Wellington: There will be a solidarity action in Wellington to support the 'Urewera 19' on Wednesday March 5th as they appear in court in Auckland on that day. People are meeting at the corner of Bowen Street and Lambton Quay with a banner, leaflets and a megaphone at 5pm.
Legal update

The fight for bail…

After the raids and the arrests on October 15th 2007, a four-week legal battle began for bail. In the first four weeks, all 16 arrestees were stystematically moved from prisons around the country to two Auckland prisons, to make prosecutions more convenient for the police. This meant moving them away from their whanau (family) and friends, from their support networks. Four prisoners were granted bail in the two weeks following the raids, and then on November 1 & 2, all 16 arrestees were to be heard in one court for the first time, in Auckland. Just prior to the hearings, the police announced they would apply to the solicitor-general to lay terrorism charges against 12 of the 16 arrestees. During the two days of hearings, two more prisoners were granted bail, leaving just 10 of the 16 in prison – two women and eight men.

On November 8th, the solicitor-general, David Collins, announced he would not give permission for Terrorism Suppression Act charges to be laid due to insufficient evidence. The next day, 6 arrestees were granted bail due to the change in circumstances, and 3 days later, after 4 weeks in jail, the last of the arrestees were released.

…name and image suppression…

The lawyers of the arrestees argued in the court that image and name suppression are of immense importance in this trial. However, most people lost name suppression after a few weeks and image suppression in December (although most still have image suppression until an appeal is heard).

The current charges

Nineteen people were charged under the Arms Act and one person was charged with possession of cannabis. At no point was anybody charged under the Terrorism Suppression Act (2002). However, the police applied to the solicitor-general for permission to charge 12 people under that act.

What will happen on 5 March 2008?

On 5 March 2008, a one-day hearing will take place in the Auckland District Court. Bail conditions and suppression orders (for image and name suppression) will be discussed for some defendants. A date for a further court appearance will be set. Either the case could be heard again in a few months for another one-day pre-deposition hearing or a deposition hearing could be scheduled. The deposition hearing could take several weeks. It will be followed by the trial, which could take months given the large amount of 'evidence'.

Security Intelligence Service (SIS)

NZ Security Intelligence Service's report for 06/07 states that for the first time since 2001, the spy agency has investigated "individuals who have been assessed as putting New Zealanders’ security at risk." The report also states that the SIS had monitored those with links to terrorist organisation and investigated the "process of radicalisation".

The highly secretive service usually lists, in broad terms, what areas it has worked in. This frequently includes investigating people in New Zealand with suspected links to 'Islamic extremists' and 'terrorist groups', and foreign spies working here. However, mention of possible threats on the country's soil are rare.

We can be certain that the SIS was involved in Operation 8. What role they played…? Maybe we'll find out in 57 years, just as we do now with the 1951 Waterfront Lockout (link to capitalist media).

Further Raids last week

There have been reports of further raids in Ruatoki and Waimana last Friday, 29th February. Apparently no arrests were made and the police have claimed it was a drug bust. However, lawyers and locals think otherwise. The police are using the Taneatua Squash Club as their base when raiding houses in the area.

'Operation 8' has not finished! The surveillance has not finished! Kia Tupato!

Donations for whanau support
  • Te Kotahi a Tuhoe fund:

    Cheques - Please make your cheque payable to 'Te Kotahi a Tuhoe' and post to: Te Kotahi a Tuhoe, PO Box 47, Taneatua, Whakatane.

    Wire or Transfer Details - Bank: ASB, Account name: Te Kotahi a Tuhoe, Account Number: 12-3253-0032178-50, Bank address: ASB Bank, Whakatane Branch, 202 The Strand, Whakatane or PO Box 682, Whakatane 3158.

    Te Kotahi ā Tūhoe supports Tūhoe who were affected by the raids on October 15th. The worst actions of the police that day were taken against Tūhoe and the community of Ruatoki was terrorised.

    Te Kotahi ā Tūhoe engaged Peter Williams to investigate the police actions at Ruatoki on 15 October, and represent them in claims against the crown arising from those actions. Donations you make would support this work.

  • Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe fund:

    Wire or Transfer Details - Bank: BNZ Bank, Account name: Tūhoe Trust, Account number, 02-0488-0170643-00, Bank Address, BNZ Bank, Whakatāne Branch, 181 The Strand, Whakatane.

    The struggle for Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe is the struggle for self-determination of Tūhoe people and sovereignty over their lands. Donations made to the Tūhoe trust support this struggle.

  • Conscious Collaborations fund:

    Cheques - Please make your cheque payable to 'Conscious Collaborations', and post to Conscious Collaborations, PO Box 91, Bulls.

    Wire or Transfer Details - Wire or Transfer Details - Bank: Kiwibank, Account name: Conscious Collaborations Charitable Trust, Account Number: 38-9005-0969057-00, Bank address: Kiwibank Limited, 155 The Terrace, Wellington 6332. SWIFT: bknznz22

    Concious Collaborations have raised and distributed considerable money for those affected by the raids and their family. They are no longer raising money for prisoner support. They will continue to raise support for the ongoing work of uplifting the masses consciousness about the effects of these raids and other related themes that have stemmed from events beginning October 15th. For more info see their website.

  • Rotorua regional fund:

    Cheques - Please make your cheque payable to 'Nga Tai o te Reinga', and post to Nga Tai o te Reinga, 61B Iles Rd, Lynmore, Rotorua.

    Wire or Transfer Details - Bank: Kiwibank, Branch: Te Ngae, Account name: Nga Tai o te Reinga, Account Number: 38-9002-0653401-00, Bank address: Kiwibank Limited, Te Ngae Branch, Te Ngae PostShop, Shop 7, 512 - 518 Te Ngae Road, Rotorua.

  • October 15th Solidarity - Wellington

    Cheques - Please make your cheque payable to 'October 15 Solidarity', and post to October 15 Solidarity, PO Box 9263, Wellington, New Zealand.

    Wire or Transfer Details - Bank: Kiwibank, Account name: October 15 Solidarity, Account Number: 38-9007-0239672-00

    This is a Wellington based group that formed in the immediate aftermath of the raids. It does both support work and political organising. Deposits made with the code "Support" will be dedicated towards supporting all those affected by the raids, arrests and on-going court appearances.

  • Legal Defence Fund - Wellington

    Cheques - Please make your cheque payable to 'Peace Action Wellington'
    and post to: 128 Abel Smith St, Wellington.

    Wire or Transfer Details - Bank: BNZ, Account name: Peace Action
    Wellington, Account number: 02 0536 0458570 00, Bank address: Bank of New Zealand, North End Branch, Pastoral House, 100 Lambton Quay, Wellington

    Money donated to this account with the tagline "Legal Defence" will go towards the legal costs of all those still facing charges under the Arms Act.

  • Civil Rights Defence - Auckland:

    Cheques - Please make your cheque payable to 'Global Peace and Justice Auckland', and post to GPJA, PO Box 7175, Wellesley St, Auckland.

    Wire or Transfer Details - Bank: Kiwibank, Account name: Global Peace and Justice Auckland, Account Number: 38-9000-0099726-00. Particulars/Code/Reference: Defence Fund

    Civil Rights Defence is an Auckland based group that formed in the immediate aftermath of the raids. Money donated to Civil Rights Defence goes to their campaigns and also to projects such as bringing people from Ruatoki to Auckland for court.

Links: Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe | Te Kotahi a Tuhoe | Tūhoe: History of resistance | Civil Rights Defence Committee | Peace Action Wellington | Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Peace Movement Aotearoa | Maori Independence Site | Aotearoa Anarchist Network | Anarchist Groups in Aotearoa | a space inside | Tu Kotahi - Freedom Fighting Anthems

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Mana Motuhake - He aha tera? by Tame Iti (Video)

“The most important thing for me really to talk about is the issue about Mana Motuhake - Tino Rangatiratanga. It's an issue that we need to process in the year of the election, more important than the election. The issue of Tino Rangatiratanga and Mana Motuhake is an issue that we all need to talk about. It's a take (‘cause”)… I'm not going to talk to you about it today. But it's a take that every whanau (‘family’) and hapu ('subtribe') need to take it back to their whanau, to their hapu. He aha tera? He aha te Mana Motuhake? (‘What is that? What is Mana Motuhake?’) It's not something that we should be scared of. It not be something that people ought to be to the point that what happened last year that they had to send their spy there to kill me and many others. Not very nice when something like that happens to you. But Mana Motuhake is about freedom. Free to be a Tuhoe and free to be Nga Puhi and free to be a Waikato. To me Mana Motuhake is about that. And free to be a Pakeha. And free to be anyone of those things.
I'm not here to preach about it. […] We need to take that take to your whanau, to your children, to your kohanga reo, and we gotta do it! We gotta do it.
And so we need to open our eyes and our ears… and see Mana Motuhake as something that's beautiful. And it's for you, for me and for the future. And don't get locked up in this hype about nothing.”

Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe - A united front. Liberation for all!

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