Anti-2010 Tour-Native Youth Movement (NYM)

part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BChkDu29-s

part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otkchp0-uz0

Two Warriors from the Native Youth Movement (NYM) recently completed a 20 stop speaking tour against the 2010 Winter Olympics planned to be held in unceded Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver/Whistler, british columbia, klanada). They travelled through Mohawk, Annishinabe, Algonquin, Seneca, Cayuga, Penobscott, and Wampanoag Territories. They went to Sharbot Lake and heard of the Struggle against Uranuim Mining, to Tyenindega and heard of the Struggle against the continued invasion into their territory and occupation to close down a rock quarry, to Kanawake and heard about the european invasion surrounding their community, Akwesasne fighting Home Land Security invading their Territory trying to lock down the fake boarder that runs through their community and to Six Nations and there fight against illegal development on their land.

They went to 11 major cities (so-called Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, Peterborough, Ottawa, Portland, Boston, MA, Binghamton, NY Ithaca, NY, Guelph,) and various Native communities. NYM were Nation building, networking, and making alliances to Unite our Struggles for Land, Freedom and Life and Survival. Kanahus Pelkey of the Secwepemc/Ktnuxa Nation, and Dustin Johnson of the Ts'mksiyen Nation represented their respective Nations proudly and did the much needed groundwork to gather support against not only the 2010 Olympics but for the Native Liberation Movement in so called 'north amerikkka'. In the last week of the tour NYM members from the Mohawk and Annishinabe Nations joined their west coast comrades to spread the word and show that Warriorz are United East to West, North to South.

The Native Youth Movement is part of the Zapatista's Other Campaign and are in full Alliance and Agreement with its Principles and Objectives, and just as our Zapatista brothers and sisters travelled the Land to Unite Native Nations, and supporters alike, we are doing the same in the North. Our Fight for life is the same, we must stop the destruction of Mother Earth, nothing can survive without Clean Air, Food, and Water.


A photo report of their visit to Montreal, with background to the organizing against the 2010 Olympics is linked here:


An audio recording of Kanahus and Dustin's visit to Montreal, recorded by David Parker of the CKUT Community News Collective, is linked here:


A photo report from Kanahus' press conference in Guelph is linked here: http://resistanceisfertile.ca/tour

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