Tent Embassy ki Tamaki

Last night protesters camped near the National Party conference in solidarity with Aboriginal Australians


Last night protesters spent the night camped in a Auckland park near to the National Party conference being held at the Langham hotel. The tent embassy was in solidarity with Aboriginal Australians whose communitys are once again under attack from a racist government. The protest was in response to Alexander Downer's the Australian foreign ministers upcoming visit to the national party conference this evening. Imaginative Action and Radical Youth the key groups behind the protest see the current actions by the Australian government against the Aboriginal population as a racist land grab and clear breach of Aboriginal rights.

The camp which was active throughout the entire night spoke to dozens of passers by with many stopping and over a dozen joining the camp for several hours. Virtually all attention was positive and the camp of about 30 was not disturbed at all by police. Local security were very supportive of the action.

Protests today are at 2.30pm outside the Langham hotel and 7pm. The tent embassy is expected to continue throughout the day.

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