Protesters at National Party conference

4/08/2007 16:07:19

Protesters have made their mark today at the National Party's annual
conference underway this weekend in Auckland.

After camping out near the venue - the Langham Hotel - overnight,
around two dozen members of ImagineNative Action and the Youth Action
Group picketed outside the conference this afternoon.

They are protesting over the Australian government's intervention
into Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. Australian
Foreign Minister Alexander Downer is a guest speaker at the

There was a strong police presence and the protest passed without
incident. However police remain at the conference as protesters have
indicated they intend disrupting Mr Downer's speech later this

Inside the Langham business at the conference continues, with the
crucial importance of the party vote being hammered home MPs and

National Party President Judy Kirk left no doubt that building the
party vote has to be the top priority for the next election. She told
the gathering Labour eked out its victory in 2005 by marshalling
votes in Auckland and Christchurch.

Ms Kirk says National has to do the same in its own strongholds.

The conference continues all weekend


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