The Popular Front: Timor-Leste remains fundamentally Fretilin

by finch Saturday, Apr 14 2007, 2:32pm


Regardless of the destabilising intervention of Australia/USA via Major Reinado and the current occupation, Fretilin remains the principal political force in East Timor. Its roots extend to the beginning of national identity and the resistance against Indonesian annexation after 450 years of colonial rule by the Portuguese. The political leanings of Fretilin have been influence by the East Javanese left however, Fretilin is passionately nationalistic today and rejects all forms of foreign intervention.
Australian occupation forces in Dili

Australian occupation forces in Dili

Former independence leaders, Jose Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmao have clearly jumped ship and are now in bed with foreign (oil) interests. In view of the quite obvious distinction between local interests as opposed to foreign interests the nationalist Fretilin group gained 29% of the popular vote with western interests represented by Horta gaining 23%. The stage is set for the pre-planned “runoff” – what a farce! No doubt a very close election will result in the victory of the western lackey, Ramos Horta. The locals however, may not ‘fall’ for the obviously stage-managed ‘free and fair’ elections? [We expect the introduction of computerised voting, Florida style, to soon be implemented in all western nations – the charade of ‘democracy’ must be maintained while corporate interests ply their rapacious, violent, polluting and inequitable trade.]

The recent discovery of a number of sealed ballot boxes and accusations of impropriety by the Ramos Horta faction will not be allowed to disturb the pre-planned proceedings. Regardless of the anticipated outcome of the (western) supervised, ‘free and fair’ elections, Timor-Leste will never surrender her very costly independence to foreign interests – the people have everything to gain and nothing to lose in the fight to maintain sovereignty.

Viva Timor-Leste!

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