Pacific has 'lowest ratification rates'

This from a prick whose govt voted against the passage of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples through the UN, who is part of a settler govt that practices the worst form of apartheid & genocide on its indigenous peoples-Aboriginal nations, whose govt interns refugees on island based concentration camps, the Pacific plan want us in the Pacific to abandon our custom and our collective rights on our collective lands, he can wrap it human rights but he cant hide the stink. Our custom, our culture our collective rights and obligations to our lands, people and environment is what we are all about, don't talk human rights to me Mr Gubbament man. Haere atu get out of the Pacific.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

THE Pacific region has the lowest ratification rates of international human rights in the world, says Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat secretary general Greg Urwin.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Pacific Regional workshop on the Ratification and Implementation of International and Regional Human Rights Instruments under the Pacific Plan in Port Moresby yesterday, he said a large part of this had to do with the perceived incompatibility of human rights and custom.

"Human rights are often referred to as individual rights a concept that runs contrary to the inherently communal nature of all our cultures in this region. I do not believe that human rights and Pacific cultures are different," Mr Urwin said.

He said unfortunately, because of resource constraints, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat could not do as much as it wanted to help members ratify and keep up with reporting requirements of international human rights instruments.

Mr Urwin said he found more overlaps between Pacific customs and human rights.


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