Indigenous Summit for land, against Neoliberalism

Guatemala, Mar 30 (Prensa Latina) The struggle for the land, the rejection to Neoliberalism and the Free Trade Treaty with the US appear as main accords of the Indigenous Summit that concluded Friday in Guatemala.

"We agreed to strengthen agrarian policies as well as protection and land recovery, as it happens in Bolivia," declared Rodolfo Pocop, from the Waquib Kej coordinator, also organizer of the continental meeting.

The five-day meeting's final declaration stated the need of watching the effects of Neoliberalism and the Free Trade Treaties in the communities.

"The FTT has a great effect in the economic, political and social life but directly attack food sovereignty and the peoples´ economy," said Daniel Pascual from the Indigenous Farmer National Coordinator.

"We condemned President George W. Bush and his government attitude with their exclusion practice with the construction of a bordering fence with Mexico," noted the declaration.

The participants also condemned the US military presence in the areas where they live and the aggression to Iraq.

The plenary sent a resolution supporting the candidature of Bolivian President Evo Morales to the Nobel Peace Prize.

The meeting attended by 350 indigenous people delegations, from Canada down to Patagonia, ended with a mass march on this capital.

The next continental summit will take place in three more years in Chile, just where Peruvian and Bolivian borders converge.

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