Harder than Jake da Mus / I kicked his sorry ass / Cause I'm a warrior with knowledge of the past / Words of consciousness flowin' from my tongue / I'll string da fucken Ku Klux Klan up one by one / Be like Hone Heke / Don't be no weak heart fool / Nonviolence is a choice it ain't no fucken rule / Baldheads need to heed respect / Or get a bullet in the neck / Fuck the sellouts that grovel in our face / Remember Paul Chase / Like brother Moana Jackson justice done for self / Burn down that wicked courthouse / Like Dun I'll dis the Queen cause she's a hypocrite / And LKJ told me Englands just a fucken bitch / Yeah I'm a field nigger a warrior night and day / Fuck it I'm here to stay / Hardcore

Chorus - Hardcore HipHop this a hardcore rhyme / Hardcore B Boys inna hardcore times / Hardcore HipHop this a hardcore rhyme / U H Posse inna hardcore style

Check the Independence Declaration / To state beyond question that Maori are a nation / Like Crazy Horse we know the Whitemans ways / How the Muthafucka's neva hear our say / Like Kamehameha in Hawaii fighting for the land / Like the Mohawk nation take the righteous stand / Do you remember Maioro and Takaparawha / Disdainful Babylon dem disrespect my mother / Check Malcolm X the heart the influence / Like Brother Syd, Te Ahi Kaa / We don't sit on the fence / Hear Farrakhan I love the voice of Truth / Marcus Garvey well deep in roots / Like Steve Biko when the odds are down / I'll neva bow my head to the bumpnut clowns / Fuck fitting in cause this Babylon system's just corrupt / I'm hardcore till the battles up

The spirit of resistence come supreme / The wicked dem nah know what I mean / Like Pilger expose their wickedness / Until the bullshit's overcome there'll be no Fucken rest / Like Puerto Rico, Panama, and Tahiti / You picked a fight with me at the battle Wounded Knee / Like Parihaka your vileness is clear / A brother like me will neva grow despair / Fuck CNN the CIA and the F B Fucken I / I'll big up the righteous until the day I die / Like Kanaky fight French Intervention / Fuck Uncle Sam and his imperial intentions / Stand up Indigenous rights / Like the Hauhau remember our plight / Cause nah uhh I'll neva loose sight / Cause Bob Marley told me don't give up the fight

Ain't swearing for the sake of it / It's just a quicker way of sayin' shit / If you can't dig it then ya slip / I goes way back by fact of my Whakapapa / Always comin' hard from the people Ngati Raukawa / Tainui the waka I'm from / E Tu ya know I'm standin' strong / I belong in this land Aotearoa / Discovered long ago by my mighty Tupuna / So I'm on a high dedicated many many years / Fight against the racist he missed I resist / Blissed out with the knowledge of victory I'll neva stop / Drop solid props like I said to the struggle / Fed well from the words ya hear I'm sayin it / No shit / Hardcore!

Album: Movement In Demand [recorded sept/oct 1994], Written by Dean Hapeta, Leadvocals - D Word/Backing vocals - M.C. Wiya/Drums - E Robertson/Bass - Taki/Guitar & Piano - Kiki/Scratching - Rhys B


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