Drop the charges against political activists

Media Release:

Date: 8 June 2010

From: October 15th Solidarity Wellington

The case of the 18 defendants arrested in the nation-wide raids of 15 October 2007 is in the Court of Appeal in Wellington this week.

"The Crown is persisting in this case to encourage the climate of fear arising from 9/11 and pushed with Operation 8. Most sensible people in this country can see that these are politically motivated charges targeting political activists and aimed at silencing dissent" said Peter Steiner, a spokesperson for the Wellington October 15th Solidarity group.

"At present all of the 18 accused face minor firearms offences - something that might ordinarily be treated by police with a warning. However, in this case, the crown are desperately trying to save face for invading and terrorising communities around the country. They have added the charge of 'participation in a criminal group' to five of the defendants, in order to justify the existence of these so-called 'anti-terror' police, and the huge waste of resources" said Mr. Steiner.

"The crown and police have wasted more than $20 million in this ridiculous farce already. They spent millions surveilling activists all over the country in Operation 8. It is time to pull the plug on this travesty - these charges should be dropped immediately" concluded Mr. Steiner.



1. The Court of Appeal hearing is set down for two days, 8/9 June 2010. Due to suppression orders, we can't say what the Court of Appeal Hearing is about. The Court is open to the public though.

2. A trial is currently set down starting 30th May 2011, lasting 12 months in the Auckland High Court.

3. The Wellington October 15th Solidarity group was formed in the days after the nation-wide raids in 2007. Our organising objectives are:

- To drop the charges
- To repeal the Terrorism Suppression Act
- To seek justice for those affected by the raids
- To support Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe and Tino Rangatiratanga
for all Maori

4. www.October15thSolidarity.info for more information

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