Rally Against Racism


Heya All,

This Rally is organised in opposition to the
"Mass Rally Against Immigration and Islam"
called by some racist fools at 12:30 pm.

We want to be there to let them know that their hatred is not welcome in our city.

Good news. Heaps of people are responding to this rally and it looks like we'll have a big crowd. As this rally has been called at such short notice, we're still awaiting confirmation from guest speakers, but there'll be comedians from the Comedy Festival, Church leaders, unionists, musos and others adding their voices to supporting diversity on the day.

If you wanna help make make this event massive, there's a few things you can do:

1. Download & print at least 1 copy of this black & white poster and put a copy up in your workplace, your library, church or local cafe (or download 100 and put them up everywhere)

2. Share a link to this page to all your FB friends, even out of town ones.

3. Officially let your organisations, be they cultural, union, church or whatever, know about this.

4. Post the event to any newsgroups you're a member of

5. Bring your friends & family and make a fun day of it!

Let's grow this thing real fast!


Ridwan said...

More power to you as you confront racism.

Will be watching and reading from South Africa.

Peace Ana!


Ana said...

Kia Ora Brother

Its looking like we will out number the racists 7 to 1, report & pics up tomorrow night.

Respect & Regards