"Antiatomic Resistance" picket against the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus

On February 20th 2010,  Anarchist group "Antiatomic Resistance"  held an unauthorized picket against the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus. Members of an anarchist group called “AntiNuclear Resistance” staged a demonstration in front of a popular movie theater in Minsk this past weekend to protest the Belarusian authorities plans to build a nuclear power plant.

Around 40 activists, dressed in black unroll two banners: “There is an alternative!” and “Anti-nuclear Resistance”. By the glare of fireworks, the activists read out their statement and distributed leaflet-copies among passers-by. In addition they chant the slogans: “At the plant went budget - to pay no money!”, “No peaceful atom - this is even the children know!”, “Nuclear Power Plant - a dead
end, and not progress,” “The officials - thieves, politicians - liars. For dollars digging a grave for the country!”.

No one was arrested during the unsanctioned protest.

In solidarity with “AntiNuclear Resistance” the radio “Freie-Radios”,Hamburg, was aired a report about antianuclear movement in Belarus. Youcan listen it here(ger) In St. Petersburg “Autonomous Action” with the support of several sympathizers anarchists organized an action of solidarity. A banner
stretched “New Nuclear Power Plant - New Chernobyl, burned several
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