Haere Atu Condoleezza

Dr Rice flew into a storm in more ways than one after touching down in Auckland late last night – a once in a decade storm bearing down on Auckland forced the cancellation of a powhiri planned for 11am

Well its seems that Tawhirimatea had no interest in providing an easy passage for a war criminal on our whenua.

And she was met in Tamakimakaurau with Protest, Outrage and Disgust

Spurred on by a bounty of $10,000, 150 protesters challenged her presence in New Zealand. They called for her arrest under the Geneva Convention for war crimes and the sanctioning of torture

Rice will accompany Winston Peters to a meeting in Apia, Samoa to meet Pacific Island leaders 'a gutless bunch of lickspittles that stomp about, protesting at interference in internal affairs, but fend off input from their own peoples as vigorously as any neocolonialist'. What's clear is that the United States are entrenching their economic, military & political presence in the Pacific. As the occupation of Iraq "winds down "we now see the US focus on Te Moana Nui a Kiwa (the Pacific). This was reiterated at the joint press conference Rice had with the nz settler grubbyment.

"Samoa will not sacrifice its culture on the altar of Globalization"
-Misa Foni, Deputy Prime Minister, Samoa

With the relocation of the US army base from Onkinawa to Guam, against the express wishes of the Chamoru Peoples who are fighting to be decolonised from the United States. As occupied Hawaiihas proven, US Militarisation and globalisation is unsustainable, damaging, conflict-ridden, and excluding and is used as a pretext to gain control over the natural resources in indigenous traditional lands without adequate compensation.The United States were one of the four settler states that voted against the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous peoples last year. The history of their lack of support for Indigenous rights to self determination in the Pacific is loud and clear.

Like New Zealand the USA, is a colonial settler state, based on invasion, dispossession and colonisation. Its past 30 years of free market fundamentalism must be understood in the context of an ongoing colonial occupation of Native lands and resources on which the American nation-state is based. As we faced last century, today Indigenous peoples of the Pacific are facing the onslaught of globalisation, trans national corporations and the neo colonialism of the USA.

Condaleezza's slavish adherence to neo liberal orthodoxy see the pressure on for an FTA between NZ & the US. The reality neo liberalism for us in the Pacific means the exploitation of labour and natural resources. It means the rampant widespread of poverty in the Pacific and the degradation and exploitation of our oceans, habitats, flora and fauna. Colonisation in the Pacific continues in the models of development that are being sold through a masquerade of trade, governance & security.

Pacific peoples are more than pawns in someone elses power play. The economic,militarily & strategic and interests of the United States are at complete odds to culture and values we have in the Pacific.

Haere Atu Condaleezza you are not welcome , get out of Aotearoa , get out of the Pacific.

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